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Proven Benefits of Digital and Technology Transformation Every Company Should Know

Elevating the growth graph of your business without digital transformation is almost next to
impossible in this digital era. Last year the pandemic period has shown us, That the companies
who embraced digital transformation earlier, hard times were not much punishing for them.
Opposite to that, it helped some of them to get an edge over the market along with adding some
profits to their account.

If equipped with the right process, digital technology can benefit an organisation in many ways,
such as a boost in productivity, making the company more efficient, and helps in better decision
making by providing accurate & valuable data that can be proven as an asset for the company.

The growth of a company depends on five central elements.


And, no other evidence is needed if digital transformation can benefit these five success pillars
of your company.

So, let’s discuss the proven benefits of digital and technology transformation that can help you
take the next important initiative for your organisation.

Adds More Efficiency

Sensors, data analytics, software-based controls, cloud computing, and many more features
offered by digital transformation helps to make your company efficient multiple folds. All these
things help you setting a consolidated automation process with more accelerated speed and
better control. Not only that, but it also offers a smooth intercommunication setup that also plays
a role in improving efficiency. And the invaluable data insights that become our guide on the
path to making our next move to advance the organisation can be proved game changer

Boosts Productivity

Replacing robotic machinery with humans for repetitive and monotonous tasks is the best
example when it comes to the enhancement of productivity by technology. It cuts down the extra
labour cost and offers higher accuracy at work when compared to humans. Ultimately, it saves
their brain from those bothering robotic activities and enables them to spend their energy on
more efficient tasks that demand human intelligence.

Partner in Innovation

Many factors make a company different from others and let it stand ahead in the market. But,
Innovation is the most prominent factor among them. Still, Few organisations step back when it
comes to innovating because it demands some extra courage with an added push to succeed.
But if you desire to enjoy a solid position and a larger share in the market, you are not left with
any options.

Better Agility

Being flexible is a solid quality when the company has to deal with changes in the market trend.
Recently we’ve seen notable changes happening in the pandemic period. At that time, the most
agile companies were in the safest position, and digital technology transformation gives you the
power to be more agile to the sudden changes in market trends. Like in Lockdown, the digitally
mature companies were not only able to be on the safer side but have also made profits at the
same time.

72% of companies who experimented firstly with digital technologies during the pandemic
reported very effective responses to COVID-19


Many businessmen stop their feet on the way to digital transformation because of ROI. Most of
them say that they have their digital transformation plan ready. But some fail on the execution
part, and many of them stop executing after some time of hard effort. And the reason they stop
in between is that they start feeling that return is not justifying the cost of investment & efforts.
But the actual scenario is quite different. It may take some time. But if the transformation is
going in the right way and you don’t stop putting in your effort, it will not disappoint you. Almost
66% of business leaders state that they have a complete transformation plan, but only 11%
works on it dedicatedly. According to Avanade, Companies that did successfully have seen an
ROI of 17% after one year.


Digital and technology transformation is not the second option now for any organisation or
company. So ignoring it can put you years behind in the competition. And if your dreams are
some more than to survive, then it can be one of your best partners on the way to fulfil the