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Social Media Trends and Opportunities for Businesses in 2022

Trends change with time. New technologies emerge and make space for new methods. The same happened with marketing which has witnessed a sharp change. With the penetration of social media, digital marketing trends are dominating the market with their utility. However, digital marketing, even, witnessed a lot of change in the past decade. Social media is now becoming the most influential method of marketing your products.


Regardless of your business, the use of social media brings a lot of benefits. In order to ensure this, what you need to do is focus on things that are trendy in the market. Similarly, the packaging industry is also feeling the influence of social media. To cope with this, elite custom boxes makers are following new trends to enhance the visibility of their products. If you want to excel in this competition, you need to stay ahead of the curve. Below are some of the most effective social media trends and opportunities for your business in 2022.


Video Content Leads Social Feeds

Video content has been an important genre of social feeds for years. Due to this, video marketing attracts much attention from both customers and businessmen. If an image conveys a thousand words, a video can convey a million. Persons who watch videos are more likely to share them with others. According to one survey, 92% of people who watch videos share them with others. That means 1200% more sharing of videos as compared to images and texts. In addition to this, the majority of the customers consider video as the best means to make them learn things. This factor will surely untie the knot of having millions of unboxing videos on YouTube.


Given the importance of video content, it is one of the most useful ways of promoting your business. For this purpose, use attractive and aesthetically appealing packaging for your products. Moreover, the internal display of the product should be alluring to ensure the best unboxing experience. There are a number of packaging ideas that you can avail of for this. Take full advantage of layered packaging and use fillers to maximize the appeal of your customers. Having these types of aesthetic packaging experiences will make customers share their experiences via video marketing.


Social Media Stories are an Orbit

Previously the concept of stories was more prominent on Instagram where almost 400 million people watch stories daily. But now other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have introduced this feature. This speaks volumes about the growing popularity of stories. Although first, it was Snapchat that introduced them as a self-destruct style of content, now their popularity is hard to match. These stories are either short videos or user-generated slideshows. Not only can you create this type of content on your cell phone, but also is available for 24 hours. There is no visible decline in the fame of this marketing format in the near future.


Because of the growing trend of stories. Every business is extending its hands to the former. Likewise, the packaging industry could not escape the allurement of these trends. The packaging manufacturers have started using stories to market their products.

For instance, they may visualize the process of designing an auto-lock box, box die cuts, or paper boxes by sharing stories. The growing speed of these stories is much faster than feeds making it one of the most important and effective marketing trends in 2022. This trend provides businesses with opportunities to opt for this cheap but result-oriented means of advertisement. However, this social media trends helps businesses in social recruitment and advancing the proper social branding.


Influencer Marketing Takes the Center Stage

With the boom of social media came the rise of social media influencers. This latest trend will continue to grow in popularity in the future. This can be tracked by automated social media marketing tools.  Since it guarantees high returns on investments, almost 65% of businessmen plan to invest more in influencer marketing. Gaining the trust of users and followers is everything and influencer marketing owes its success to the trust of a large audience.


By taking advantage of this, brands use them to market their products. For instance, if you want to expand the reach of your wholesale product packaging business, get the help of a good influencer in your field. In addition to faming your products, he/she may enlighten people about different types of packaging.


Besides, he will also shed a light on other processes and features of your manufacturing. Making aware customers will help get the attention of more and more customers for your business. So, use this social media trend and avail the opportunities that it offers to your business.


Chatbots: A New Means of Customer Service

A couple of decades ago, communicating with customers by a non-human, a robot, was unthinkable. What people preferred was to talk to a real person and avoided having a pre-recorded audio. But since technology has normalized such ideas, customers now like to interact with chatbots. The reason behind this is that they are more effective, reliable, always available, quicker, and smarter. Furthermore using them provides a faster complaint resolution medium than old interacting software. On top of that, using customer service chatbots is also cost-effective.”-in-2022 For example, it lessens 30% the cost of customer support.


The efficiency of chatbots is not limited to a few businesses. Almost every business is now feeling the worth of this marketing trend. Even if you are a newcomer in custom packaging, customers will want to get to know about what you are offering. Chatbots let them have quicker and more reliable info about your packaging. They are also multi-functional as they can communicate with more than one customer at the same time. Hence, they help you get the trust of customers by giving them a good customer experience.


Closing Words

For marketers, social media trends are proving a blessing. Through this, they cannot only connect with their customers but also enhance the sale of their products. These trends accompany opportunities for businesses to integrate their product with customers. However, there is a need to couple these trends with conventional modes of marketing such as printed boxes. Additionally, social media trends help you meet the challenges with ease and comfort. Smithers Pira identifies the above-mentioned social media trends of 2022 effective to avail their opportunities.