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Strategies to Increase Customer Retention for eCommerce Website

Leading users to visit your site is only one part; retaining them is another. Customer retention is necessary for building repeat business and increasing conversions leading to e-commerce business growth.

But with the rising competition in today’s industry, many businesses are targeting the same pool of customers. So how do you retain yours, and also in the process gain more customers?

Why bother to retain customers?

Yes, why bother when you can just acquire another set of customers? The answer to this is relatively simple – a great percent of your revenue comes from returning customers.

Taking care of returning or existing customers is a low-cost marketing strategy. Existing customers already know your brand and the products your offer, or services for that matter. You need not spend many resources in convincing them to try out your brand. Plus, they can also provide valuable feedback that could further improve user experience and services.

Customer retention leads to better conversion and increases profits. Because these customers have already transacted with you before, they have most likely developed confidence and trust in your brand, provided they were satisfied with your services and products. And it will be easier for you to determine customer needs. Returning customers spend thrice as more compared with first-time buyers. But Yeah! Don’t forget to include necessary eCommerce app features for your business.

Optimise your customer retention strategies with the help of the following tips:

1. Uncluttered web design. Simple e-commerce websites in London usually delivers the message across clearly. Utilise colours, fonts and images that easily appeals to your target audience, but make it catchy and exciting.

Make sure site navigation is visible and intuitive. Add compelling CTAs that makes customers want to purchase your product, sparingly. You don’t want to overdo it.

2. Updated content. Provide social proof that your site is alive and active, such as updated blogs, vlogs, or press releases. Keep everything on your site fresh and relevant.

3. Consumer testimonials and trust badges. Make your customers feel safe, that is, they can safely make purchases and share sensitive information without having to worry about scammers or fall prey to identity theft. Also, consumer testimonials are organic marketing strategies that validate your site is legitimate. Testimonials also lead to trust building, making your users feel safer transacting with your site.

4. Updated security. In connection with the earlier tip, you can always include in your web design that your site is guaranteed safe. Place security seals, awards and other means to make sure your customers do feel safe. Also, by keeping site security up to date, you decrease the chances of malicious attackers of getting through your site and stealing sensitive data.

5. VIP and loyalty perks. Provide incentives to loyal customers because let’s face it – people want to feel they are valued and appreciated. People also want to feel they belong, so set up VIP clubs in your brand. You can market the VIP club to all customers, but only loyal ones get to reap the benefits of being club members. In this way, you prevent customer abandonment.
For loyal customers who do not want to join the VIP club, you can always give them discounts or coupons or other promotional offers.

6. Increase load speed. Many customers get frustrated with slow load speeds that result in high bounce rates. To counter this, use a solid hosting service that can handle heavy site traffic. Also, clean up your site by removing outdated plug-ins, unnecessary codes, and other elements that affect load speed.

7. Products and Service Quality. The product can sell itself, Yes, it is possible. If your product quality is good, you don’t need to shout to sell it. Customers will come to your online store and buy it repeatedly. Also, you need to understand and improve your delivery time so the customer can get the product as soon as they order it.

8. Artificial intelligence. Provide 24/7 customer service using AI. Not only does AI help customers 24/7, but also it builds brand loyalty and increases user experience. Plus the best about AI support is that is has a much lower overhead cost compared with hiring CSR.

9. Get personal. Send customers personalised emails that contain news about your brand, special offers, or product updates like “What’s new” or “What’s hot”.

By having a solid customer retention strategy, you have the advantage of identifying, tracking and selling more to existing customers. They will be your constant revenue source in the long run.